Today we meet Alba Esteve Ruiz Spanish Chef of Marzapane, a new concept of Italian gourmet restaurant in Rome. Alba is expressed through her creative dishes that change constantly. We had the pleasure to ask her some question:

1) Nine words to introduce you.
Spain, Italy, Rome, Chef, Marzipan, Kitchen, Work, Passion, Love.

2) What is the episode that started your food passion?
The kitchen has always been part of my life and my grandmothers have played an important role.
When I was little my family would gather every Saturdays and Sundays to eat to my grandmother house. 15/20 people at the table and everyone have to be there because it was an important moment for the family. When I grew up I’ve also started to help my grandmother to cook the lunch.
I also remember the pink apron that my other grandmother had sewn me, I always wore to cook with her.

3) What were you doing in Spain and why did you decide to leave for Italy?
In Spain I worked in restaurants, I came to Italy to make new experiences. As well as Italians like Spain also the Spanish like Italy, like language, culture and the country.

4) What does it mean to you to be a Chef in Italy?
To express my concept of cooking in a city like Rome is very important, we are in the Capital.

5) What is the Italian recipe that most represents you?
I like everything of Italian cuisine, I love to prepare homemade fresh pasta.

6) What are the three essential Made in Italy products for your kitchen?
Oil, vegetables and flours.

7) Who cooks at your house?
None cooks at home, the only days when me and my husband Michel are free, we go out for dinner.

8) Which one in your opinion is the biggest stereotype foreigners have about the Italian cuisine or Italian food?
Pasta is one of the iconic Italian dishes but abroad not always has the same respect he enjoys at home. It is not a simple dish to prepare, it expresses tradition and culture, but many do not know it.

9) Speaking about the “Italian Sounding” phenomenon, what do you think are the solutions to oppose it?
The Italian Sounding is a touchy subject, a phenomenon that could be prevented in several ways. It is important to inform and educate people, making them understand the real differences and peculiarity of the products.

10) What are your future projects?
Along with Mario Sansone and Angelo Parello – owners Marzapane Roma – we manage the restaurant of Caffè dell’Opera. Saturday, July 16, we opened La Crostaceria di Marzapane at the Caffè dell’Opera, the temporary shop that in the months of July and August will be under the porch of the Teatro dell’Opera of Roma. Here we offer from 6 pm to 11 pm a menu focused on raw fish and fried fish. Plateau with prawns, shrimp, oysters and tartare in three different formats, oysters Fin and Regal, caviar Calvisius, croquettes of mussels, squid and salt cod fried to the Roman way, in addition to the sea crostini and two summer desserts.
During the summer the Opera will move to the Terme of Caracalla and during the shows evenings we are also in this breathtaking scenery in the ruins of Rome.
The program also includes participation in various events in Rome and beyond. In August I will fly to the Dominican Republic in a show dedicated to high cuisine, and in September I will be in the Capital for Taste of Rome and Dinner in the Sky.
There are many new projects, but Marzapane always remains our focus to be pursued.