About Us

We are an international network and a non-profit Association, with the mission to promote and defend the true Italian Food and Wine culture in the world.

We were born in Italy in 2013, in the heart of the Food Valley, from the encounter between the Facebook page created by Marco Bonini and the idea of Alessandro Schiatti to build a non-profit association around it. Over time I Love Italian Food has become a company and an international community that in recent years has reached 3 billion social contacts, has held over 100 international events and obtained more than a billion video views.

We have grown thanks to the conviction that the future of Italy is closely linked to the future of our food sector and its ability to expand and establish itself beyond national borders. In fact, it is one of the most loved and wanted aspects of Italy abroad, as well as representing one sixth of our economy.

“Made in Italy agri-food is the oil of Italy, one of our greatest riches, it is the fruit of our many popular cultures, the know-how of our workers, our geography and the many microclimates that make it up. For this reason, at I Love Italian Food, we believe in the value of the real Made in Italy, the one that is made in Italy, on our land and from our land” says Alessandro Schiatti, current CEO of I Love Italian Food.

Our keywords are Training and Storytelling and, thanks to our network of over 12.000 international professionals, we are able to connect in a contemporary way, promoting in an increasingly effective way authentic Italian products and producers.