There are 12 Sicilian companies that have joined the “GUSTOSO” project, and I Love Italian Food will be media partner to promote the authentic made in Italy food products and, in this case, made in Sicily. The common goal is to conquer the American public by bringing Sicilian gastronomy products to the shelves of the Great Distribution in USA. Typicality, authenticity, bonding with the territory, Dop and Igp products, history and tradition are the values ​​that each of these medium-sized food companies transmit through their own work, thus gaining high-quality products.

The companies that are currently participating in the project “Gustoso” will sell under an only brand, which is Gustoso, to facilitate the approach and purchase of Sicilian product in the American market, a coordinated action supported by strategic marketing and communication plans to support ‘Gustoso’ products entry into the American market.

“With Gustoso,” explains Daniele Cipollina, Founder of the network “the companies involved share the same idea of ​​approaching the market, benefiting from economies of scale. The network thus becomes a valuable tool for aggregating and improving competitiveness, as well as being able to benefit from solutions and facilitations to oversee the foreign market: from specific advice on export to commercial contracts, up to support for participation in races and international tenders”.

The targets are ambitious: in 2018 the reference market will be North America, and from 2019 will be time for UK and to start to analyze the possible entry into the Chinese market. The business volume envisaged for the first 24 months of business, following the business plan, is $ 25 million.

“Gustoso,” Cipollina concludes, “is focused on Sicilian realities, but it has the ambition to have a much broader perspective: the concept of territoriality of Made in Italy can expand to all Italian regions to approach in the near future all the Italian regional market as a whole through the system of business network. ”

The project is also supported by two well-established chefs, with the task of enhancing the network products: Pasquale Caliri, ambassador of Sicilian cuisine in the world, is the chef of “Marina del Nettuno Yacting Club” in Messina and he offers sea food which is based on elements of the Sicilian tradition to propose new culinary trends. Peppe Giuffrè, born in Trapani and adopted by Palermo city, cooks, studies and researches to present and preserve the history of the gastronomic and cultural heritage of Sicily.

Gustoso is also seen as a partner in the project “Healthy Eating, Sicilian Eating”, designed by Codacons Sicilia with the participation of Assoutenti, Confeuropa Consumatori, Consaambiente, Codici Sicilia and Udicon, which aims to protect the heritage Sicilian agro-food, material and immaterial.

The strength of Gustoso is not only in the business network itself, but it is also represented by the many partners who support it, as well as I Love Italian Food.