At the dawn of the seventh edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, the Academy of Italian enogastronomic culture was presented, a joint initiative by Filiera Italia, Coldiretti, and Campagna Amica, under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with I Love Italian Food as the exclusive partner.

The presentation took place in Rome during the opening of the event by the Vice President of the Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, and the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Francesco Lollobrigida, in the presence of institutional representatives and authoritative figures in the Italian enogastronomic production chain.

The initiative arises from the need to promote the added value of Italian enogastronomy in all its aspects, from quality and safety to nutritional and sustainability aspects, up to traditional and authentic dishes and ingredients. It is a true cultural infrastructure that combines the Italian culinary tradition, a distinctive and competitive element of Made in Italy agri-food, with the universal value of the Mediterranean diet.

“This partnership represents a significant step in consolidating and spreading Italian enogastronomic culture worldwide. We are excited to contribute to the development of the Academy and to work together to promote true Made in Italy food globally. We are planning an engagement action on major international markets to continue filling the significant knowledge gap regarding true Made in Italy food. This will allow a better understanding of the differences with false Made in Italy, whose global value exceeds 120 billion euros, more than double our export. I Love Italian Food, together with the Academy, aims to transform this market currently taken away from us into a significant opportunity through widespread education and training, promoting authentic Made in Italy, as we have been doing for over 10 years,” declares Alessandro Schiatti, President of I Love Italian Food.

The Academy is configured as a practical and operational tool, which will be available on a digital platform starting from early 2024. Its target audience includes professionals and operators in the enogastronomic industry, as well as foreign networks representing and promoting the agri-food sector, from universities to international culinary and hotel schools, from buyers to economic operators. These are precisely the subjects that populate the international network of I Love Italian Food, hence chosen as a partner for the operation.