The Aftershow by I Love Italian Food, the annual event created to celebrate Made in Italy in conjunction with the Summer Fancy Food Show, was held in New York on Sunday, June 25. 

This year the event was organized in collaboration with the prestigious Columbus Citizens Foundation, at the Foundation’s headquarters on the Upper East Side, where 120 selected guests joined us to toast Italy and our excellence. 

The evening was a warm gathering for some of the leading players in the restaurant world and beyond. 

After the welcome greetings in which the President of I Love Italian Food, Alessandro Schiatti, and the Managing Director of the Columbus Citizens Foundation, Lisa Ackerman, spoke, the guests toasted to Made in Italy with a glass of authentic Prosecco DOC. 

The evening’s menu, signed by CCF’s culinary team, was an authentic experience among the flavors of our Italy, from north to south. A rich tasting of Italian cheeses and cold cuts, pizza, pasta, arancini and classic desserts, such as tiramisu and millefeuille. A triumph of flavors culminated in the performances of chefs Fabrizio Facchini and Antonino Ciolino, both board members of the Associazione Italiana Chef New York (Italian Chefs Association in New York), a longstanding partner of I Love Italian Food in the territory.

“Our Aftershow, in conjunction with the Fancy Food Show, continues to be a special event to meet what we call ‘the Italian food warriors,’ our army of chefs promoting Made in Italy excellence abroad. This evening is an opportunity to create relationships, networking and new opportunities to promote Italian food in the North American market. But there is still a lot of work to be done and many players to be involved in this mission. That’s why we are thrilled to have kicked off with this Aftershow our collaboration with a partner as central to the Italian-American community as the Columbus Citizens Foundation.” says Alessandro Schiatti. 

Several guests attended the Aftershow dinner including chefs, restaurateurs, trade associations, institutions, influencers and icons of Italy in New York. 

A moment of great enthusiasm from which new opportunities have arisen to give increasingly effective support to our agrifood excellence and its producers. 

The Aftershow is a project by I Love Italian Food realized in collaboration with the Columbus Citizens Foundation and the Associazione Italiana Chef New York, thanks to the support of: 

Consorzio del Pecorino Toscano DOP, Consorzio del Prosciutto Toscano DOP, GranTerre, Gioiella, Matilde Vicenzi, Consorzio della DOC Prosecco, Marino PR.