The Aftershow of I Love Italian Food, the annual event created to celebrate Made in Italy, took place on Sunday October 8th 2023, this time in Cologne, in conjunction with Anuga, the world’s leading trade fair for the food and beverage sector.

This year, the event was organized in collaboration with the Associazione Cuochi Italiani in Germania (Association of Italian Chefs in Germany). The Aftershow took place at the 28th floor of KölnSKY, an elegant venue not far from the fair with a panoramic view of Cologne skyline. Two hundred selected guests joined us to toast Italy and our excellences, with a glass of Prosecco DOC.

The evening was a vibrant and engaging occasion, a networking opportunity for some of the key players in the world of gastronomy, chefs, and more.

The menu for the evening was a journey that led guests to discover the authentic flavors of Italy, from north to south. The evening was not only enriched by good Italian food but also featured special guests and live performances. First of all, Davide Civitiello master pizzaiolo delighted our guests in the pizza corner, with his Neapolitan pizzas signed by Mulino Caputo. Furthermore, the Associazione Cuochi Italiani in Germania and the President Gianluca Casini, were involved in a live show cooking, to prepare risottos stirred in inside the Asiago DOP wheel. The Mixology area was another highlight of this Aftershow, here guests could taste innovative cocktails created with the excellent products of Acetaia Giuseppe Giusti.

This Aftershow appointment at Anuga is the last one of 2023, but our format consistently proves to be a special occasion for meeting and celebrating Made in Italy on international markets. For this reason, we have already scheduled more events for the next year that will take us to Tokyo, Dubai, New York, and Paris. There are still many warriors of Italian food to meet and engage with, and there is still much promotion to be done for our excellences,” declares Alessandro Schiatti, President of I Love Italian Food.

This German edition of the Aftershow attracted numerous prominent guests in the culinary scene, including chefs, restaurateurs, representatives of industry associations, institutions, and influencers. It was a moment filled with great enthusiasm, creating new opportunities to support the Italian agri-food excellence and its producers more effectively.

The Aftershow is a project by I Love Italian Food organized in collaboration with the Associazione Cuochi Italiani in Germania, thanks to the support of:

GranTerre, Consorzio del Formaggio Asiago, Caputo, Consorzio della Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, Filicori Zecchini, Gioiella, Acetaia Giuseppe Giusti, Igor Gorgonzola, Consorzio di tutela della DOC Prosecco.