On October 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2023, Rome became the stage for an unprecedented culinary experience. The heart of the eternal city, Circo Massimo, hosted the prestigious Villaggio Coldiretti, an event that captured the attention of food enthusiasts and industry professionals not only from Italy but also from around the world. In this unique context, I Love Italian Food engaged with an audience of international professionals, bringing a breath of fresh Italian authenticity to the United States.

The extensive international network of I Love Italian Food has indeed enabled the consolidation of an important synergy between our organization and key associations in the national agricultural and food sector. This involved the participation of over 70 selected professionals from our North American network, including buyers, journalists, influencers, chefs, and well-known figures in the restaurant industry in the USA, who took part in the Roman edition of Villaggio Coldiretti.

During the three-day event, participants had the opportunity to engage in a curated program of activities, aimed at introducing the professionals to our excellences, our food and wine culture, and above all, the authentic Italian food system. Among the activities, tastings of oil, wine, and beer draw particular interest, allowing American professionals to discover the history and quality of Italian products. Cooking classes were also a highlight, actively involving guests in the preparation of typical recipes using ingredients from various Italian regions. Finally, dedicated meetings for companies from the sector provided a unique opportunity to establish direct contact with made-in-Italy producers and foster international collaborations.

The extraordinary success of the event was emphasized by the exceptional numbers recorded this year at Villaggio Coldiretti, with a doubling in the number of visitors compared to the previous edition, with 2 million entries in just 3 days. This result highlights the increasing interest in the authenticity and quality of Italian products in the international context.

In conclusion, the collaboration between I Love Italian Food, Coldiretti, Filiera Italia, and Campagna Amica during Villaggio Coldiretti in Rome, proved to be a triumph for promoting Italian food and wine excellence worldwide. The event strengthened the bond between the United States and Italy, opening new horizons for the sharing and appreciation of the culinary riches made in Italy.