If someone were to offer me the opportunity to study Italian cooking in a Total ImmersionSM course at not one, but two prestigious culinary schools, I would jump at the opportunity. Today, that opportunity exists with the International Culinary Center®’s International Culinary Center!
The program, designed by renowned Italian chef and Dean of Italian Studies, Chef Cesare Casella, begins with ten weeks at the International Culinary Center in Soho, NYC or Campbell, California. Here you’ll learn fundamental knife skills and techniques while also taking Italian language classes to prepare you for your studies in Italy. Next, you’ll train for nine weeks at our sister school, ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine near Parma, where you will further hone your skills in Italian cuisine. You will become proficient in making stocks, sauces, pasta (dry and fresh), pizza, proteins, regional side dishes, and even learn how to pair your delicious fare with regional Italian wines. Your education goes beyond the kitchen as you attend field trips to local farms, vineyards, and markets to expand your knowledge of ingredients like olive oil, balsamic vinegars, and truffles! Finally, you’ll spend nine week at stage, apprenticeship, working alongside a highly rated Italian chef in his/her restaurant, furthering your kitchen skills. Many students opt to expand their time in the Italian kitchens…a great measure of the experience and education provided!
With an alumni network of 15,000+ and ongoing access to culinary business workshops, chef-demonstrations, and Career Services, ICC students are provided with the tools necessary to launch a career in the food and wine industry.
“I could say I want to focus on technique but that’s a lie. I want to learn it all. I want to soak up everything that you’re here to offer us … Italian Cuisine is best described the way our chefs described it that day. It is a labor of love. It’s not about measuring grams or meticulously dicing a carrot. Sure, the technique is expected and should be there. However, the cuisine is about passion and it’s centered around the feelings that go behind every ingredient carefully chosen for every recipe that creates that perfect bite – every time.” – Lauren Fuschillo, Italian Culinary Experience ‘15
The next class begins on October 5, 2016. Learn more about International Culinary Center’s Italian Culinary Experience Program.