At the end of 2022, the balance of Italian wine export closed with a record figure of 7.9 billion euros (Source: Istat). A number that had never been recorded until that moment, resulting in a significant growth compared to the previous year and identifying a strong Italian market capable of withstanding the inevitable price increases, achieving a remarkable outcome.

The United States affirms itself once again as the main export market for Italian wine, followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, and France. This global leadership reflects the ongoing attractiveness of “Made in Italy” wine and its ability to delight palates worldwide. However, these palates still need to be educated, especially starting from the training of industry professionals: buyers, sommeliers, chefs, restaurateurs, but also journalists and influencers. They often represent the main way for our products to access international markets and sometimes they are capable of initiating enogastronomic trends abroad.

The theme of education was the main focus in the strong collaboration between I Love Italian Food and Coldiretti during the Villaggio Coldiretti in Rome. On the days of October 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2023, I Love Italian Food orchestrated a unique experience, extending the allure of Italian wine beyond national borders. Eight international classes, connected directly from Rome to iconic cities such as Tokyo, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto, allowed a global audience of professionals to explore the world of Italian wine.

An experience that allowed to share knowledge about more than 40 wine labels from all over Italy, providing participants with the opportunity to explore the various Italian regions and producers. They discovered the secrets of the winemaking tradition, tasted local varieties, and understood the importance of the history hidden behind each bottle.

Tutte le classi a Roma sono state guidate con maestria dalla sommelier italiana Sara Tosti, che grazie alle sue competenze e al suo entusiasmo ha reso ogni sessione un’esperienza educativa e coinvolgente. Dall’altro lato della camera, in collegamento dal mondo, alcuni tra i maggiori esperti del settore del vino e della ristorazione italiana all’estero, coinvolti grazie al network internazionale di I Love Italian Food, che hanno reso possibile la realizzazione degli eventi. 

All the classes in Rome were expertly led by the Italian sommelier Sara Tosti, whose skills and enthusiasm made each session an educational and engaging experience. On the other side of the camera, connecting from around the world, some of the leading experts in the Italian wine and restaurant industry abroad were involved through the international network of I Love Italian Food, making the realization of the events possible.

Among these, the North American Sommelier Association, with President Diego Meraviglia connecting from Los Angeles; the UK Sommelier Association, with President Andrea Rinaldi and Vice President Federica Zanghirella connecting from London; furthermore, the Columbus Citizens Foundation, a partner in New York, the cooking school La Mia Italia, a partner in Tokyo, and the Italian Culinary Consortium, a partner in Toronto.

This extraordinary initiative not only amplified the presence of Italian wine worldwide but also strengthened the bond between cultures through the shared passion for Italian winemaking tradition. These international classes forged meaningful connections between industry experts and enthusiasts of Italian culture creating an opportunity for participants to savor the best of Italian wine. A virtual journey that brought together professionals from around the world through the shared passion for Made in Italy wine.