3h and 30 minutes

spelt flour, 14,11 oz
pastry flour, 3,53oz
chestnut honey, 1 tablespoon
sugar, 2 teaspoon
salt, 1 and ½ 1 teaspoon
milk, 1 and ½ cup
fresh yeast, 0,88 oz
crescenza cheese, 3,53oz
smoked salmon, 7 ,05oz
spinaci, 25 leaves
extra virgin olive oil, ½ cup


In a bowl pour the Spelt flour, honey, sugar and yeast. Knead it and gradually add the milk.
Add the salt and mix with the rest.
Made a ball, cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
After an hour, knead again the dough, flouring your hands with pastry flour. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap again.
After another hour knead again and cover the bowl.
After half an hour, taking a baking pan, place on a sheet of baking paper and the dough. Cooking the bread for about 1 hour at 190 ° C.
When baking bread, wash the spinach leaves and put them in the blender along with the crescenza cheese.
Cut the salmon into small pieces and add it with the oil to rest in the blender. Blend all the ingredients until it becomes a cream.
When the bread is cooked, let it cool completely, then cut into slices.
Preheat the grill to maximum temperature and put on it the slices of bread. Turn them after about 5 minutes.
Spread the cream on the bread slices.

Thanks to Rossella Friggione