I Love Italian Food once again becomes the mouthpiece of the real Made in Italy with a new format video to tell worldwide the protected Italian cured meats and their connection with the territory.

A new project created in partnership with ISIT – Istituto Salumi Italiani Tutelati, the reference association of the Consortium for the Protection of POD and PGI cured meats.

And what’s better than than panino, the symbol par excellence of Italian street food, to tell the real Made in Italy?

Therefore, we selected chefs of the network of I Love Italian Food and asked them to create the recipe of a 100% Italian sandwich. Not a normal panino, but the perfect combination to show the authentic Italy, bringing together flavours and territory, all linked by the fil rouge of excellent cured meats.

I Love Italian Food tells, through its channels, the panini signed by the chefs, the true ambassadors of Italian cuisine.

Creativity, tradition and taste will be found in this series of videos that shows to Italian Food Lovers from all over the world how to best combine some of the excellences of our traditional gastronomic heritage: the PDO and PGI protected cured meats.

Thanks to all the Chefs who contributed to the project: Natalino Ambra, Stefano Brombal, Michele Casadei Massari, Ciro Cristiano, Marcello Ferrarini, Nicola Iovine, Michele Mazza, Alessandro Miceli, Corrado Michelazzo, Roberto Rispoli, Andrea Ruisi, Salvo Sardo, Diego Simonetta, Massimo Spigaroli, Raffaele Solinas, Roberto Valbuzzi.

Special thanks to Osteria del Maiale.

A project realized under the patronage of Mipaaf – Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali.