In a provocative way, we could almost say that we Italians should celebrate Christmas in October. Yes, even this year we celebrate World Pasta Day, an event with similar religious colors for the connoisseurs of the palate, established in 1995.

2019 will bring a significant novelty to the anniversary: this year we’ll have the first edition of “Al Dente, The Italian Way of Pasta,” a festival that involves 130 restaurants around the world and offers pasta lovers a remarkable gastronomic itinerary—a real silk route for carbo-kamut-integral lovers. From New York to Shanghai, from Rome to Tokyo, from Napoli to Brisbane. World Pasta Day sanctifies pasta at every latitude with prestigious chefs involved at every level of the project, who propose recipes in their restaurants using a base of spaghetti, penne, orecchiette, or rigatoni. The shape of the pasta is not as important, however, as the celebration of the most iconic products of our gastronomic culture.

I Love Italian Food is a partner of this project, which perfectly matches our mission of defending and promoting the true Italian food and wine culture in the world. In line with our founding values, “Al Dente” is an unmissable opportunity to spread and defend true Italianness through our fellow countrymen abroad, celebrating an anniversary that obviously needs to combine innovation and tradition to expand both its own horizons and the audience of people reached.

Furthermore, the name is not at all random: for almost all Italians, apart from the seasoning, the quality of the pasta or the format, the obligatory condition for our favorite food is that it is cooked al dente; the error in cooking is not tolerated.

Nowadays there is spontaneity, at least for the Pasta Lovers, to ask oneself almost Hamletic doubts: “In which direction is pasta going? Where do we want to bring it to the next and less near gastronomic future? What does the present impose on us in view of the passwords of the coming decades? “

Beyond the cultural and traditional implications, pasta perfectly represents the all-Italian ability to bring the tricolor identity to the world: a food of poor and ancient origin, versatile and always appreciated, with a transversal use in dowry to a few, timeless and precisely because of this leitmotif of our future at the table.

Although in 2019 cars are not yet flying, but pasta does. It takes on a thousand directions, satisfying food needs and desires for palates of all types. Starting from the call of the true tradition, from the past that returns and teaches, and combining this with the introduction of new production techniques (3D PRINTERS that produce pasta, but can you imagine?) And new raw materials, we are sure that the pasta is the true paradigm of food sustainability in this first century of 2000.