It is increasingly undeniable that what we are experiencing is an historical moment of international economic uncertainties. The recent spread of COVID-19, the return of duties, the new contraindications of globalization, are all factors that contribute to the major economic crisis we are going through. At this moment, more than ever, this crisis represents a blow to the heart of Made in Italy, a frontal attack on Italy, starting from the tourism sector, up to the food and wine sector, which we at I Love Italian Food promote and protect every day.

And so, without too much controversy, among satirical videos that come from beyond the Alps, absurd requests for virus free products and a ruling class that does not prove to measure up, what we all should remember is that Italy and the Italians have always been capable of great trials, of great reactions. We have given the world great discoveries, great innovations. We have taught the world the beauty, the know-how and our lifestyle: the essence of the made in Italy that foreigners love so much.

But is Made in Italy still able to save Italy today? Trying to answer this question and take stock of the state of Made in Italy, we called on the stage of the 100per100 Italian Talks six talents, six people with a vision who will present ideas and visions on how to make ever more the Made in Italy an asset to contribute to the revitalization of our Country.

The appointment is on September 4th, 2020 at CIBUS, where, in collaboration with Fiere di Parma, we will realize the only Italian leg of our 100per100 Italian Talks international conference. A moment entirely dedicated to our Italy to discover how to create a system in a new, contemporary and alternative way.