Futuristic city, home of extreme luxury and crossroads of business between East and West, Dubai is home to over 180 different nationalities and in view of Expo 2020 it foresees a presence of 20 million tourists.
In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, between tradition and modernity, there is a melting pot of cuisines and flavors: from sushi to dim sum, from Arab meze to shawarma, from street food to refined starred restaurants. Even on a gastronomic level, Dubai is the unrivaled record of the cosmopolitan city par excellence.
Here, despite the competitive market, the made in Italy export is constantly growing: only in 2019 Italy exported 266 million euros of agri-food products to the Emirate market (source: Italian Trade Agency, 2019) and strong are expectations that these opportunities will increase with Expo.
Just in Dubai, in one of the most futuristic and complex cities in the world, a destination for businessmen, but also for tourists looking for news and fun, places to taste and relive the experience of authentic Italian cuisine are not missing.
Italianity is the watchword of the project for the promotion and enhancement of made in Italy that I Love Italian Food presented in Dubai on February 20, with the launch of 100per100 Italian Food in Dubai and the guide that collects the names of almost 50 places that offer the true made in Italy.
Places voted and selected by a jury of over 100 Italians residents of Dubai, who have suggested the names of the places where you can taste an authentic Neapolitan pizza, where to savor the unique aroma of espresso, or where to cool off from the extreme heat of the desert with a real Italian ice cream.
Four categories – Restaurant, Pizza, Espresso, Gelato – for a sensory and gastronomic journey, in which to find, even away from home, that unique experience that distinguishes our food and wine culture, between products, visions and lifestyle.
But 100per100 Italian Food in Dubai is this and much more. For us at I Love Italian Food it also represents a tool to support the true ambassadors of Italian food, what we call “Italian Food warriors”: an army of chefs, restaurateurs, pizza makers, pastry chefs and gelato makers who passionately dedicate every day their work to promote and defend authentic Italian cuisine.

Our thanks go to the made in Italy warriors and our partners for their support for the 100per100 Italian Dubai project, specifically: Redoro Frantoi Veneti, EP World, Igor, Filicori Zecchini, Authentico and Dubaitaly.

Find the complete list of 100per100 Italian places in Dubai at the end of the article and at this link: https://www.100per100italian.it/en/food-guide/food-guide-dubai/

800 Pizza, Akiba Dori, Al Grissino, Alici, Alta Badia, Amorino, Attibassi, Bellavista, Bianca The Beach, Bice Mare, Caffè Borbone, Caffè Illy, Carluccio’s, Casa Mia, Cioccolati Italiani, L’Antica Pizzera Da Michele Dubai, Eataly, Gelato Divino, Gia, Gianni & gelato. Golositalia, Grom, Il Borro Tuscan Bistro Dubai, Il Caffè di Roma U.A.E, Il gelato di Bruno, Bussola, Luigia, Massimo’s, Matto, Mercato DIFC, Morelli’s, Il ristorante – Niko Romito, Pasticceria Cova, Pulcinella, Roberto’s, Ronda Locatelli, Rossovivo, Scalini, Scotta Espresso Bar, Segafredo Zanetti Espresso, Sicilia, Social By Heinz Beck, The Artisan, The Espresso Lab, Torno Subito, Trattoria Toscana, Vanitas, Via Vita.