On September 19th, London experienced an extraordinary day of celebrating Italian culture through the format of The Italian Show London, an event masterfully organized by I Love Italian Food in collaboration with the Association of Italian Chefs in UK. This event once again demonstrated how Italian cuisine is loved and appreciated not only in Italy but also beyond its borders.

The chosen venue for this extraordinary event was the prestigious Royal Horticultural Halls, which provided the perfect space to accommodate over 50 Italian producers and distributors, creating an unprecedented opportunity to connect with over 1300 visitors. These visitors represented a wide spectrum of local professionals, including chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, buyers, distributors, journalists, and influencers, all united by their passion for Italian cuisine.

The day was packed with appointments and engaging activities to satisfy the palates and curiosity of all attendees. Tasting sessions and show cooking moments allowed the audience to discover and appreciate the authentic flavors of Italy, from food to wine to mixology. Italian experts who came from Italy made the experience even more special by sharing their knowledge and passion with the audience.

The event began solemnly with speeches from key Italian institutions in London, including Consul General of Italy in London Mr. Domenico Bellantone, Director of the Italian Trade Agency in London Mr. Giovanni Sacchi, the Agricultural Attaché lat the Embassy of Italy in London Mrs. Gabriella Manfredi, and other institutional representatives. This moment was followed by a special blessing by Father Giuseppe of St. Peter’s Church, the church for Italians in London, adding a touch of spirituality to the event, while also offering prayers for San Gennaro, the patron saint of the city of Naples, whose feast day fell on September 19th.

Among the event’s highlights, the Talks on the main stage featuring prominent figures like Roberto Costa (Macellaio RC), Carmelo Carnevale (Presidente ICC) and Salvatore Calabrese “The Maestro” captured the audience’s attention. The show cooking sessions by guests from Italy, such as chef Salvo Sardo and Maria Anedda, offered an extraordinary culinary experience.

The Pizza Show was a spectacle in its own right, with London’s top pizza maker, including Michele Pascarella (Pizza Chef of the Year 2023) and Diego Palladino, performing alongside special guests from Italy like master pizzaiolo Davide Civitiello.

A highly anticipated moment was the launch of the “100per100 Italian Food in London” guide, highlighting 100% Italian establishments in London. The certificate and guide presentation ceremony was a significant recognition for the restaurateurs and establishments featured in the guide. The presence of well-known Italian actors such as Nicolas Vaporidis and Stefano Calvagna, who own restaurants in London, added glamour to the event.

The “The Best Upcoming Chef of Italian Cuisine in the UK – Solania Awards” competition crowned Chef Alessandra Menta as the winner, showcasing the talent and innovation present in Italian cuisine in the UK.

The event also celebrated Italian craftsmanship with exhibitions by professionals like Emanuela Scarpa and Giovanni Cauli, who created unique culinary works of art such as the crown-shaped pizza dedicated to King Charles. The bar station with UK Bartenders Guild bartenders offered high-quality Italian cocktails.

“We are very impressed by the great participation of professionals who visited the event, even coming from outside London. It is an important signal that this need to tell more and more about Made in Italy in the UK is so felt and shared. For us it represents a significant milestone that adds to the path we are taking in the narration and education of our food and wine culture,” says Alessandro Schiatti, President of I Love Italian Food.

In conclusion, The Italian Show London was a great success that celebrated Italian cuisine in all its facets, from tradition to innovation, from craftsmanship to haute cuisine. The event demonstrated the strong interest in Italian food in London and created a unique opportunity to promote Italian culinary culture in the UK. With the announcement that it will return to London in 2024, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this extraordinary event.

Scroll through the gallery to see the photos! (Credits: Complitaly UK and La Notizia)

The Italian Show – London is a project realised under the patronage of: ICE – Italian Trade Agency, Embassy of Italy in London, Consulate General of Italy in London, ENIT. 

Organised in collaboration with the Associazione Cuochi Italiani in UK

Realised thanks to the support of: 

Institutional Partners: Italian Cultural Institute London

Partners: Italian Culinary Consortium, UK Bartenders Guild

Sponsors: Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano Reggiano, Lurisia, Mulino Caputo, Parma Alimentare, Solania

Pizza Sponsor: Mulino Caputo, Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli, Latteria Sorrentina

Technical Partners: Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, Cibosano, Goeldlin, Goldplast, Number One International, Pentole Agnelli, Whitco, White’s.

Media Partners: Ho.Re.Ca. News, La Notizia, London One Radio, Complitaly, italiani.it