It is undoubtedly a different Japan that we find again after two years of pandemic, almost three years of border closures, but when we meet again with our friends and collaborators at the Aftershow, we immediately realize that one thing has not changed: the passion for made in Italy.


Last March 7, at the end of the opening day of FoodEx, the largest F&B trade show in Asia, the Aftershow by I Love Italian Food was held in Tokyo. 


Hosted in the precious and unique venue of the Italian Embassy in Japan, 120 selected guests joined us to celebrate Made in Italy and our excellence. 


In the presence of Ambassador Gianluigi Benedetti and ICE Tokyo Office Director Erica Di Giovancarlo, the evening was a warm gathering for some of the leading players in the restaurant world and beyond. 


After sharing a kanpai to Made in Italy with an authentic Prosecco DOC, the team led by renowned Neapolitan pizzaiolo Peppe Errichiello delighted guests with a menu created specifically for the evening, offering high-quality products and great classics of Italian cuisine. 


From appetizers, with a selection of refined finger foods and a tasting of Italian cheeses, to gnocchi cacio e pepe, rigorously prepared with Pecorino Romano PDO, to a wide assortment of pizzas al tegamino, expertly prepared by the Caputo pizzaioli team, which in addition to Peppe Errichiello, included Pasquale Makishima, Davide Civitiello, and Vincenzo Capuano.
To close the evening, an authentic Italian espresso and an assortment of desserts representative of Italian tradition, such as cannoli and tiramisu.


The promotion of our beloved Made in Italy in Japan has actually never stopped and even in these pandemic years we have continued to meet professionals and promote our know-how. The Aftershow is a very special opportunity for us to meet all those who support our project and, together, celebrate our passion for Italy. We are really impressed by the enthusiasm of this people who respect and hand down our traditions with care and authenticity. Many new projects are waiting for us in Japan.” says Silvia Meloni, VP of I Love Italian Food.  


Numerous guests attended the Aftershow dinner among chefs, restaurateurs, industry associations, institutions, and icons of Italy in Japan. 

A moment of great enthusiasm from which new opportunities were born to give more and more effective support to our agri-food excellences and their producers. 


The Aftershow is a project realized thanks to the support of: Molino Caputo, Filicori Zecchini, Latteria Sorrentina, Olearia Clemente, Consorzio del Pecorino Romano DOP, Consorzio della DOC Prosecco, Sivans, Italianity and Future Food Institute.