I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD – It is born “Support Italian Food Warriors”, the project that aims to support authentic Italian chefs and restorateurs, in Italy and worldwide
A number of masterclasses in which chefs will share their culinary secrets with customers and Italian cuisine lovers

I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD – In this period of international sanitary emergency due to Coronavirus, chefs and restaurateurs are fighting a real battle for survival, with closed places in several Countries, Italy above all, and often with the impossibility to obtain different sources of income. This battle is important not only for their businesses, but also for the preservation of one of biggest and most important cultural and manufacturing heritage that makes Italy an excellence worldwide for food and dining.
Nowadays chefs and restaurateurs are committed as warriors fighting for this huge goal. This led to “Support Italian Food Warriors”, the action launched by I Love Italian Food in collaboration with Kaiti expansion and Italian Food Studio.
Alessandro Schiatti, CEO and co-founder of I Love Italian Food, explains: “In this moment of global lockdown we have created a digital platform to offer to all restaurateurs the chance to keep talking with their customers, building a new culinary experience that will enable them to raise moral and economic support in a concrete, immediate and direct way. Restaurateurs can share with online masterclasses the secrets of their dishes with clients and all Italian cuisine lovers, collecting a financial contribution that each restaurateur may use to support his own business or also donate to charity causes that matter to him. The project, that has been presented to business operators in the past days, has already collected several supporters and the collaboration of a large number of associations in Italy and worldwide that reunite millions of chefs and restaurateurs. It is supported by a Team of virtuous Companies that sustain I Love Italian Food, like Carpigiani, Fior di Maso, Montanari & Gruzza and Casearia Monti Trentini. This project arose from us but it belongs to all restaurateurs, to all Italian food lovers and to all those realities that, like us, work everyday to protect Italian professionals and to promote internationally our gastronomic heritage.”

Masterclasses will be released using the webinar platform starting from the 18th of April until the 28th of June 2020. To get more information, it is possibile to visit the website: 100per100italian.it.
Among the realities that have chosen to support Italian Food Warriors there are: Associazione Italiana Chef New York; UCI – Unione Cuochi Italiani; ItChefs; Global School Palazzo Italia; ACI – Associazione Cuochi Italiani; Italians Feed America; delegations of Belgium, Argentina, Poland and France of Federazione Italiana Cuochi; Gruppo Italiano of New York; Federazione Internazionale Pasticceria, Gelateria e Cioccolateria; Italian Food #Moltobuono, Authentico and Future Food Network.

I Love Italian Food is an organisation that promotes and defends authentic italian cuisine heritage worldwide. It has been founded in Reggio Emilia, heart of the Food Valley, in 2013 by a group of friends passionate about italian food. Today is a big international community that in 2017 has reached over one billion of digital contacts all over the world. It is a project born from the belief that the future of Italy is closely linked to the future of national agri-food sector and to its ability to grow further in the world. Already today abroad is one of the most loved and wanted aspects of Italy, besides representing one-seventh of our economy.
Kaiti expansion works from over 25 year in marketing and communication industry, promoting the image and values of several companies and public entities. With its offices in Reggio Emilia, Rome and Milan, Kaiti expansion is organised in a network of business areas that work synergistically to offer customised projects and operational flexibility.