In the past few days has started the new collaboration of I Love Italian Food with
A synergy born thanks to the common goal of our realities: to make the Made in Italy known abroad. I Love Italian Food is a point of reference for the promotion of Italian food and wine culture in the world and we are delighted to collaborate with a partner like, which communicates every day with Italians abroad. is a network that connects more than 60 realities in Italy and around the world, a network of websites all belonging to the “parent site”.
It tells stories of people, realities and traditions which make Italy a Country that remains in the heart for life. It does this through testimonies and tales of those who live this feeling every day: the Italians who love their land. This is the same purpose that drive us at I Love Italian Food and is the starting point in building our collaboration.

As I Love Italian Food connects over two millions of Italian Food Lovers with its international community, wants to create a global network of people linked to Italy by birth, descent or love that feel an indissoluble bond with their Country. People with a deep passion for Made in Italy, who will be happy to support the new “Support Italian Food Warriors” project, launched by I Love Italian Food, in collaboration with Kaiti Expansion and Italian Food Studio.

“Support Italian Food Warriors” is a digital platform that aims to create a new dining experience, a new customer-restaurateur relationship, in order to support restaurants in this quarantine period. Italian restaurateurs will be able to share the secrets of their cuisine, through online masterclasses, with their customers (or with new customers), who will be able to recreate them at home.
In this way, fans of Italian cuisine from all over the world will be able to give a direct and concrete contribution to Italian restaurateurs and chefs. The platform will also help Italian Chefs to team up and keep on promoting the authentic Made in Italy together, working every day to bring Italian cuisine all over the world.

Italian cuisine is culture, passion, tradition and love for the Land. The indissoluble bond between Italians and traditional cuisine, is a unique feature of our people. and I Love Italian Food are together, therefore, to support restaurateurs in this complicated moment, to offer a service to those who are at home and can take advantage of the free time to cook, and above all to promote Italian cuisine and real Made in Italy in the world.