I Love Italian Food returns to Japan, in conjunction with Foodex Japan, one of the largest F & B fairs in Southeast Asia, now in its 44th edition, with a calendar of activities to promote real Italian food in Tokyo.

On March 5th, the Japanese capital was the stage for the presentation of the 100per100 Italian Guide, with an exclusive Gala evening dedicated to Made in Italy, organized by I Love Italian Food.

In the heart of Ginza, I Love Italian Food celebrated authentic Made in Italy in Tokyo in The Kitchen restaurant Salvatore Cuomo, thanks to the collaboration of Salvatore himself, a true icon of Italianness, known throughout Asia as an ambassador of our cuisine .

During the Salvatore Cuomo event together with the master pizza Davide Civitiello and Makoto Onishi they entertained and delighted the guests with an exclusive performance and a special 100% Italian menu, created ad hoc for the evening.

The highlight of the Gala was the preview presentation of the Tokyo edition of the 100per100 Italian Guide, the guide to the premises that offer a true Italian culinary experience, the project created by I Love Italian Food to support the true ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world.

The guide was created thanks to the involvement of an audience of Italians living in Japan, food and beverage experts who reported to I Love Italian Food the realities that every day offer the true flavors of Italy in Tokyo. From pasta to pizza, from ice cream to coffee: all iconic products of the Bel Paese.

For the moment, the 100per100 Italian Guide will only be available online at www.100per100italian.net, but by the end of the year it will also be available in hard copy.

The presentation event was carried out under the patronage of ICE Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, as well as the support of the partners of I Love Italian Food who took part in the evening:

Shop Italia Web Magazine, Cibus Connect, The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo, Contadi Castaldi, Parmareggio, Casa Modena, Pastificio Granoro, Solania, Garage Pizza, SivanS Ltd, Future Food, Authentico.

On 4 March instead with the pasta masterclass, supported byPastificio Granoro, was created a true lesson on Italian pasta, during which were explained the characteristics, methods of use and perfect combinations to professionals F&B Japanese.

Finally, the evenings of 4, 6 and 7 March were and will be animated by Pizza Show in collaboration withGarage Pizza, appointments that are unmissable to be part of the project 100per100 Italian Show-the evenings, carried out in three authentically Italian pizzerias. I Tokyo-Peppe Naples is Ca ‘, Trattoria Pizzeria da Sasa ‘ e Bella Napoli, are made thanks to the support ofSolaniaContadi CastaldiParmareggio and Casa Modena.