The I Love Italian Food team was chosen by the municipality of Orbetello committee of Comune di Orbete to redevelop the entire festival: between new entertainment activities and special guests this edition will be a real novelty and the test bed to make Gustatus—a brand exportable beyond the boundaries of the earth it represents.

The focus of the event remains the exaltation of the Maremma; of its flavors and traditions. Thanks to a team of seven local experts who have formed our scientific committee, we are certain that we have kept the authenticity of the area alive. Our essays, with their advice and suggestions, have generously supported us in defining the program.

The members of this committee all have a key role in promoting the area: Emiliano Lombardelli, executive chef of the Dama Dama di Porto Ercole, is an expression of local haute cuisine. Luca Terni, 3 times the best butcher in Italy, represents the artfully carnivorous tradition; while chef Alessandro Martellini, currently active in Tyrol, bears witness to the affection of the Maremma doc for his own territory.

They are joined by a very important member of the Orbetello community, Pier Luigi Piro, president of the Orbetello Fishermen’s Cooperative, a Slow Food Presidium and the marine soul of this committee.

Representing the trade associations, with their ideas, are Gloria Faragli of Confesercenti, Gabriella Orlando of Confcommercio and Paolo degli Innocenti, managing director of Conad del Tirreno.

As far as entertainment activities are concerned, guests of the festival and tourists will be able to attend numerous cooking shows to demonstrate their abilities in the kitchen. There will be prominent faces of local food and wine, including Emiliano Lombardelli, winner of the episode of 4 Restaurants dedicated to the Argentario Promontory, and Luca Terni, in addition to the Pastry Chef Paolo Rufo.

They will also be alternated by some nationally known Chefs who will give us their idea of Maremma and who will contribute to the redevelopment of the festival with their skills but also with their notoriety. The show at the stove will be assured.

For this 2019 edition of Gustatus we have also thought about the little ones, who will have the opportunity to participate in first person: we have dedicated real workshops for children to them, so that they can experience the kitchen experience under their gaze for a few hours and with the precious advice of the masters of the territory.

In the calendar of events there will also be food tours through which curious and gastronomy enthusiasts will have the opportunity to discover and visit local companies: an excellent strategy to exalt even more the value and the traditional art of the virtuous producers of area, for years linked to the territory and its customs.

Those present will also have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the splendid setting of the Argentario with tasty aperitifs aboard the Remus boat, made available by the Orbetello Fishermen’s cooperative, led by Pier Luigi Piro.

To satisfy the appetites we will think instead of the Oil Square and the Market of Flavors, two focal places of the event that represent one of the novelties of this fourteenth edition of Gustatus.

In conclusion, a note of merit and special thanks go to the municipality of Orbetello and to the whole municipal organization chart that this year has bet on this event to give prestige and visibility to the whole territory, as well as to the Welcome Maremma organization, which for years has been committed to promoting this splendid corner of our peninsula.

Thanks also to Kaiti Expansion, our communication and organization partner.

Finally, thanks to Conad, the main sponsor of the event, which shows that it still strongly believes in the richness and potential of regional products and has been supporting this event for years.