From the 8 to 12 of May, I Love Italian Food will be a media partner of Salone dei Sapori ; an event to discover the flavors of one of the many pearls of the Italian scene: Padua.

The location of this event will be Palazzo della Ragione, with its oldest covered market in Europe, but also Piazza della Frutta and Piazza delle Erbe. Not only food and wine tastings but also meetings, talks and in-depth moments to grow the culture of taste and reflect on the future, rediscovering the excellence, the traditions, the flavors of the territory.

The idea of the Salone dei Sapori is born from the desire to celebrate 800 years of knowledge and flavors: 800 years of history for the Palazzo della Ragione, and of excellent food and wine for the oldest covered market in Europe, under the Salone, and the same goal also in view of the University, the pride of the city of Padua, which will turn 8 centuries in 2022.

Salone dei Sapori celebrates the city, the territory and its culinary excellence with an event that combines history, science, art and taste in the name of sustainability and respect for the environment. Thanks to a series of meetings and events in the heart of Padua, they will tackle the food theme with unmissable experiences and appointments related to the culture of taste, declined for each type of audience.

Among the most important themes is the enhancement of local products with tastings by Slow Food are Prosciutto Veneto DOP and white corn. Additionally addressing the issues of sustainability, food culture and education, organic farming, green economy, innovation and respect for the environment.

I Love Italian Food will be the protagonist of one of the events on Saturday, the 11 of May at 7 pm: “Tradition is a successful innovation”. Every tradition is born from an innovative gesture and, at the same time, an innovation is really such if it is able to become tradition: a compelling theme deepened by Alessandro Schiatti, CEO of I Love Italian Food alongside the restaurant legend, Arrigo Cipriani, of food historian Danilo Gasparini, and Anna Maria Pellegrino president of Italian food bloggers.

Five days of events, tastings and insights that will also include famous names from the national culinary scene. Names such as chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo with his show cooking on Sunday 12 May, and the Alajmo family, 5 Michelin stars and 10 local excellences of Made in Italy and leader in international cuisine, as well as Luigi Biasetto, Master Pastry Chef world champion.