Few weeks ago the historic brand De Rica has been taken over by our Associate Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro.

The Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro is leader in tomato cultivation and processing market, with a 100% Italian production chain that includes 370 associate farms that work 7,000 hectares of land along the Padana plain, and whose products are exported to 60 countries around the world, for a turnover of 230 million euros. Numbers that are getting together with the great reputation that De Rica, known for its natural and high quality products, can boast in Italy.

The operation, completed together with Generale Conserve, thus, guarantees that De Rica remains in Italy, bringing back the brand into its original production area and confirming the passage of another important Italian brand directly into the cooperative agricultural world, an expression of an Italian production chain with a strong bond with its territory of origin.

If on one side an important Italian agro-food production strengthen itself in order to stay stable in Italy, on the other there has been the news about the take-over of the Acetum, one of the leading producers of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, by the Big of English tea Twinings (also owner of Primark, the popular English clothing chain). Acetum produces balsamic vinegars, apple vinegars and sauces that are exported all over the world, with USA and Germany at the top.

Although the take-over was predictable and it is going to follow many other Italian agri-food companies’ acquisitions (San Pellegrino, Perugina, Buitoni to Nestlé or Parmalat, Invernizzi, Galbani to Lactlais, only to name a few), such a lost has a bitter taste for us and those who try every day to promote the real Italian food all over the world.