Agnolotti del plin, also known as ravioli del plin, are part of the filling pasta family and they’re similar to Piedmontese Agnolotti, which diversifies mostly in the shape. Indeed, agnolotti have a squared shape, while agnolotti del plin, typical of Langhe and Monferrato areas, are smaller and closed like a napkin pinched at its extremities (the name “plin”, indeed, refers to the act of pinching the pasta dough to create the shape).

The agnolotti del plin are mentioned in the list of Italian Traditional Agricultural Products, thus protected by a production guideline of Piedmont Region. Even if this preparation’s versions are various, according to family’s recipes, towns, provinces, as for many other Italian traditional recipes, the most popular recipes to make agnolotti del plin are four:

  • with roast sauce
  • with butter, sage and Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano
  • with Piedmontese meat ragù
  • in meat broth


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