100per100 Italian Academy:

The education on Italian excellence for 

professionals abroad 

The 100per100 Italian Academy is a project created by I Love Italian Food to support and spread the authentic Italian food and wine culture in the world. 

At the origin of this project, a fundamental consideration. The absence of Italian cooking schools abroad brings many chefs and restaurateurs to a crossroads: either go to Italy to study and deepen their knowledge of Italian cuisine, or find a mentor on site who can share his or her knowledge and introduce chefs to authentic Italian cuisine. 

In order to make up for the lack of opportunities to come into contact with authentic Italian products and their use in the kitchen, 100per100 Italian Academy was created. Its purpose is on the one hand to provide training to professionals abroad on authentic Made in Italy, and on the other hand to promote the use of Italian products on international markets. All of this is done by connecting Consortia of Protection and Producers of Italian excellence with professionals around the world. 

Considering the development of new ways of networking on the international scene and the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made it impossible for many chefs to travel to Italy to receive training, it has been necessary to rethink the Academy project. 

Although the objective is to propose an Academy project in presence, with physical locations in the countries of reference, a dedicated platform has been developed at the same time, through which it is possible to carry out the teaching online. 

In fact, the 100per100 Italian Academy is presented as a reference tool for the training of Italian cuisine professionals abroad. Of those operators who are the true ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world and who most represent our food and wine culture, as well as often being the first gateway for Italian products in international markets.

There are three types of courses offered by the Academy:

  • MasterClubs, meetings with a limited number of participants, free of charge and aimed exclusively at F&B professionals, with possible product tasting, also online.

  • Courses with Diploma: real cooking courses, realized in collaboration with Italian cooking schools and that provide the release of a certificate of participation.

  • Video Courses: video collections, dedicated to a series of content ranging from video recipes, tutorials and many other educational formats. 

Tutti i corsi saranno disponibili, in 6 lingue, a partire da giugno sul sito 100per100 Italian. 

Click on the link below to see the first MasterClubs