Savoy, 40 (sponge-cake)

For the cream:
egg yolks, 8
caster sugar, 1/2 cup
icing sugar,5/6 cup
milk, 4 cups
Alkermes & Sassolino


How to prepare the cream:
Using a whisk, work the egg yolks with sugar (either the granulated or the icing one), until they become frothy. Add the warm milk slowly, still stirring. If you want a richer cream you can substitute half of the milk with cream equivalent. You can add lemon zest according to your taste. At this point put the cream on low heat (preferably in a water bath) and cook, stirring constantly: the cream is cooked when it reaches the temperature of about 82-84 degrees (if you have a cooking thermometer) or when the foam disappears. It does not to have to reach the boiling point, otherwise the egg thickens and gets separated from the rest of the cream, ruinning the final result.

How to prepare the trifle:
Once prepared the sponge cake and cream, you can proceed with the composition of the cake: cut the sponge cake into slices about half a centimeter thick, and put a layer in a well buttered mold. Prepare the alkermes slightly diluted with a little of water, taking care not to make it too soggy, then cover with a layer of cream. Alternate layers of sponge cake with layers of cream until completion, and garnish as desired with whipped cream and bits of chocolate mixed with a little of cream.
Put the cake in the refrigerator for about 12 hours, cover it with plastic wrap and serve cold.