Piedmont (Piemonte in Italian), in the north-western corner of the Italian Peninsula, is one of the twenty Regions of Italy. The name Piedmont comes from medieval Latin “Pedemontium” or “Pedemontis”, which stays for “ad pedem montium”, meaning “at the foot of the mountains”: not only the Alps and Apennines once protected the region from invasion, but they are also largely responsible for its favorable climate.
We suggest you here some gourmet tours through which you can discover the variety and quality of the products of Piedmont.


You can experience tastings at companies, visits to vineyards and cellars to understand the work behind this ancient and wonderful product, the wine. The most common routes are: Alto Monferrato Wine Route, the Wine Astesana, the Wine Canavese and the Tortona hills Wine Route. The Barolo Wine Route provides excellent products such as Barbera, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Verduno Pelaverga. Do not miss then the Wine Route Monferrato Asti and the Royal Wine Route of Turin. You will be amazed by the quality of food and wine that you can discover in these wonderful lands!


For cheese lovers Piedmont offers also a wide variety of cheeses. In the province of Cuneo above all there are trails that cross the country producing some of the tastiest cheese of Piedmont: Raschera, Toma Piemontese, Bra, Castelmagno, Murazzano, Sargnon. In the city of Bra, in September, there is “Cheese”, a tasty cheese experience which you shouldn’t miss.


Do not miss a tour dedicated to one of the most celebrated products of Piedmont, the truffle, highly prized as a food and called “the diamonds of the kitchen” by the French gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. The road of the white truffle of Alba comprises the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo, whose towns every year organize events and fairs to celebrate this extraordinary product.


Chocolate is at home in Turin: here this tradition has its roots in 1700 and it developed during the ‘800, while in the 20th Century some of the most famous companies of Italy and the whole world were opened in this area. In 1867 was invented “gianduia”, obtained by mixing cocoa and the famous Piedmontese hazelnuts, and “gianduiotti”.
The area of Turin, with a production of 85,000 tonnes of chocolate (nearly 40% of Italian production), is the largest center for Italian processing chocolate. The most famous and delicious products to taste in the cafes of Turin are the “gianduiotto”, the “cremino” and the “bicerin”, a drink of cocoa and coffee. One of the most valuable food and wine events in Turin is CioccolaTO, a true paradise for gourmands. Come here and satisfy your gluttony!