If you have never paired wine and dairy products, you have to make it up soon. You’ll find that there is a mutual and natural inclination between cheese and wine, a nice dialogue for our palate thanks to these two kind of raw material, milk and grapes.I particularly like ricotta and mozzarella cheese from cow’s milk, even from buffalo’s one, because the delicate taste of the first and the strenght of the latter have a truly amazing relationship with wine.

When I do not have enough time, I buy ricotta and mozzarella in a really unique store because the owner and cheese maker is from Puglia and every morning he transforms the raw material in fresh dairy products in front of my eyes.

Cow’s and buffalo’s milk ricotta cheese requires a white wine with a mild impact, able to meet the dairy product even after it has been swallowed. The choice may fall on a Pinot Blanc from Friuli or Sylvaner of Alto Adige.

The mozzarella instead goes well with red wines: Dolcetto can work well with cow’s milk mozzarella, while the buffalo’s milk one should be paired with a particular wine from Piedmont, la Barbera d’Alba, which contrasts with its scents the strong taste of the mozzarella giving the great taste of milk.

SOURCE: Maria Cristina, www.vinidellanima.it