white turnips, 1 lb 8 oz
yellow paste potatoes, 10,6 oz
ham steak, 5,3 oz
fontina Aosta D.O.P., 5,3 oz (other delicate buttery cheese)
fresh cream, 2,5 oz
egg, 1
milk, 3/5 cup
garlic, 1 clove
shallots, 2
salt to taste
butter for the mold
bread crumble
extra virgin olive oil, 3 tbsp


Peel the potatoes and the turnips with the potato peeler.
Cut the shallots finely and mince the garlic.
Put these ingredients in a saucepan with the oil, salt and cover with the milk and a little nutmeg. Cook at moderate heat, stirring occasionally.
When the milk has been absorbed, switch off the cooker and add a little more nutmeg.
Butter the mold and add some bread crumbs. Beat egg with a pinch of salt and the cream.
Then start to prepare the layers alternating the turnips and the potatoes with baked ham and cheese.
Add a part of the beaten egg and continue the layers until all the ingredients are finished.
The last layer should consist of turnips and potatoes, covered with the rest of the egg.
Grate a little more nutmeg and bread crumbs on the top.
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 360°F for 40 minutes, or until golden.
Let the dish cool before removing it from the mold.

Thanks to: Marilena in The Kitchen