The technique to cook the meat wrapped in leaves of different edible plants was known since the prehistoric ages. During the centuries different countries adopted this practice, varying from time to time the recipe of the filling and the choice or the vegetables that wrapped it. If in Greece the vine leaves contain a mix of rice and lamb meat, in Romagna this particular rolls are introduced in a tradition already existing: the “uccelletti scappati”. The Verzot, in fact, is a “poor” modification of them where the filling is wrapped in a cabbage leave, called Verzot, a common vegetable in the Romagna country, cheap and available to all. Also the filling is a modified version of “uccelletti”: Parmigiano Reggiano, bread crumbs and parsley take over the beef and sometimes is added Mortadella and crumbled Prosciutto Crudo, pieces of sausage and pork meat.