Who is Verso Dolomiti:

It is first of all an agricultural company whose owner is a woman (my wife Elena) who intends to enhance the plantation of hazelnut trees and, in particular, of the local hazelnut or “Feltrina”.

Why Verso Dolomiti:

We would like to be a landmark for the pilgim who wants to visit the Dolomites; Feltre houses the Dolomites’ park of Belluno and it is the doorway to the Dolomites.

How it’s born:

from 2000 to 2013 we (my wife and I) lived in the area of Piacenza (Trebbia valley) for working reasons. There, I was the sales manager of a society that dealt with “carnival” market (cinemas, funfairs…) and we often spent the weekend in the part of Langhe bordering with Liguria, surrounded by hazelnut trees.
Here the idea grew, if we would come back in our land, to launch a challenge, that was to convert the local hazelnut tree from an “infestant” plant to a productive plant.

What is our objective:

It is that of establishing an agricultural company that is not based on subsidies (very difficult to obtain for those who are not part of the zootechnical sector, anyway) but that is able to create a real income. Certainly, given the long-time sales experience, the idea of covering the whole production chain couldn’t miss, by transforming the product and commercializing it, thus creating a virtuous circle that allows us to include others, farmers or not, in the cultivation of hazelnuts.

Active projects:

At present we have created a transformation laboratory, we are now preparing the site and improving the image of the products we are going to commercialize.

Future projects:

The creation of a B&B that would lead people to share our passion, so that they can stopover and then continue their trip.