The area where Mortadella Bologna is produced includes the following regions and provinces: Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, and the provinces of Trento, Tuscany, Marche and Lazio.

The technique of production of Mortadella is very peculiar and unique in the world: the main ingredient is accurately selected pork meat (treated according to the UE procedure), that is minced and reduced into cream through three separate phases, using apposite meat grinders.
This phase is followed by the preparation of fat dices, mainly made with neck fat, the hardest and thus the most privileged part among pork fat components. The mixture thus obtained is then bagged in the desired shape (there do exist Mortadella of all sizes: from few grams to more than 20 lb) and cooked.

This is the most delicate phase, the one that gives Mortadella all its aromas and softness; the procedure requires the use of dry-air heaters, with cooking times stretching from a few hours to whole days. Then, it follows a cold water showering and a storage period in a cooling cell, to allow the product to “stabilize”. The addiction of polyphosphates, coloring agents and milk proteins is absolutely forbidden.

Thanks to: Consorzio Mortadella Bologna