One of the most famous dishes of Ligurian cuisine is definitely Trofie, a type of pasta which has a thin and long shape and which is typical of Genoa and of the entire Ligurian territory (exactly Sori, Recco). Its name may derive from the verb “strofinare – to rub”, an essential activity during its preparation, which sees the need to curl the rubbing strip of dough on the work table.

The most common recipe for cooking Trofie is definitely the one with pesto, but there is also another variant that involves, in addition to the pesto, the presence of boiled potatoes and green beans.

Trofie can then be seasoned with tomato sauce, with ragù and all the sauces with vegetables and fish; they can be well combined with white wines such as Vermentino and Pigato and red wines such as Rossese: all of them are typical wines from Liguria. A tasty variation of Trofie consists of the “Trofie matte” (“crazy Trofie”), mixed with chestnut flour.

Since 1985, every year during the month of June the Sagra delle Trofie (Festival of Trofie) is held in Sori (GE), where you can enjoy this special type of pasta cooked according to tradition and seasoned with excellent pesto.