The “Turtlein d’Nadel al “fornen or frett” represent, with the Biscione, the traditional sweet of Christmas. A shell of puff dough stuffed with custard or preserves, nowadays they added another type stuffed with chocolate cream. The origin of this sweet dates back to the dark ages, however it was in the Renaissance that the recipe who know today was born. Thanks to the commerce with Asia and the arabic world, spices and seasonings reached our territory and people stated to using in the kitchen. The preserves of fruit were enriched of Mostarda, chestnuts, walnuts, pine nuts, powdered coffe, raisins, spices and liquor this how the spices made Tortellini Fritti much tastier. The preparation stated a long time before the festivity and for the kids represent a magic practice. Already in few house is followed the long traditional method, however nowadays Tortellini Fritti is a loved food waited for young and old.