The origin of the Tortelli Verdi (green) is related to the traditional farming cuisine, rooted in the Middle Ages. In Emilian farmlands the tradition of filling the thin dough of fresh pasta with “erbette” became popular, using an ingredient accessible to anybody and that, in addition to the classic chards an spinach, implied the use of many other wild herbs like nettles, borage and chicory.

The rezdore, the household queens , added abundant Parmigiano Reggiano to the filling, in order to get a nutritious dish that could satisfy the hunger of their husbands, working in the fields. Differently from the recipe of Parma, in Reggio Emilia ricotta cheese isn’t employed, while the seasoning of melted butter and Parmigiano Reggiano is the common feature of all recipes.
Always present on the table for the Sunday lunch in farmers’ families, during the centuries Tortelli Verdi entered the typical regional cuisine and are now eaten on Christmas Eve and the night of Saint Jhon, on June 23rd.