Today we meet Tommaso Mazzanti, owner tighter his father and mother of the wine bar-restaurant and tavern All’Antico Vinaio in Florence, place that during the years won a lot of prizes worldwide: “Most reviewed restaurant in Italy in 2015” on TripAdvisor, “The third place most reviewed restaurant in Italy” on Yelp, fifth best place in Italy on Yelp, one of the best street food in Italy in 2015 for Gambero Rosso, “ Most reviewed place in the world in 2014” for TripAdvisor.
Francine Segan, our Ambassador, interviewed him for us.

1) Nine words to introduce you.
Young, ambitious, work lover, social, determined, exuberant, friendly and polite.

2) What is the episode that started your food passion?
My family but especially my father. I always dream, also when I was young, to do what he did. He keeps alive the tradition of our city that I love it to death. And now that I’m 27 and I’ve been working for 11 years i can represent my restaurant at national level: it’s a dream come true. I love my work and it’s one of the biggest satisfactions seeing it grow.

3) What is the Italian recipe that most represents you?
If we speak about the dish that I love the most and is the most representative for me are “Gli Gnudi Alla Fiorentina” typical dish from Florence. They are ravioli without the pasta that normally cover them. The ingredients are very simple: spinach, Ricotta cheese, eggs, flour and Parmigiano Reggiano, then butter and sage.
If we speak about my work, the panino that i love the most and is the most representative for me is schiacciata with Sbriciolona and Pecorino Toscano semi-aged. Too good and it’s a classic panino. My grandfather is used to take me to snack when I was a child and it was my favorite.

4) What are the three essential Made in Italy products for your kitchen?
Prosciutto Toscano PDO
Pecorino Toscano Semi-Aged PDO
And our Focaccia!

5) Who cooks at your house?
My future wife and I take a lot of turns.

6) Which one in your opinion is the biggest stereotype foreigners have about the Italian cuisine or Italian food?
In my opinion the Italian food and the Italian Cuisine have a positive view for foreign. Our Italian cuisine is very good and traditional. Especially in Tuscany!

7) Speaking about the “Italian Sounding” phenomenon, what do you think are the solutions to oppose it?
The qualities and the characteristics of ours Italian products are always more appreciated from the costumers of all the world. As a consequence it’s right that we protect our companies and our traditions. They defend the Made in Italy values for year.
The PGI PDO DOC IGT brands are giving a good national level visibility (for example Tuscan Bread and Cantucci of Prato that have received the DOP brand)

8) Three words to describe the Italian food abroad.
Famous. Good. Classic.

9) Other to say about the importance of Made in Italy food
Italy is one of the best country for food and cuisine. We have to continue to maintain the high level of quality. Because, as I said before, the Italian food is known and requested all over the world. We have to continue to do our best for leave a good food memory to all the people in the world that come in Italy and taste our products.

Thanks to our Italian Food Ambassador Francine Segan for this amazing interview.