Zibibbo is a perfumed wine with an exceptional flavor that brings to mind the colors and atmospheres of the Mediterranean.
It is a typical product of the island of Pantelleria and it is increasingly becoming a rarity due to the lack of cultivated land and the increasing difficulties faced by manufacturers.

It’s a kind of wine to be appreciated not only for its great quality, but also because it is produced by a real “heroic agricolture,” which is able to survive over the centuries in a barren land. Zibibbo can be produced only from grapes coming from the island of Pantelleria, and the wine-making must take place on the island.

Only the bottling may take place in all the rest of Sicily. The Zibibbo vine is also known by the name of Moscato di Alessandria, Moscato di Pantelleria, Salamanna or Moscatellone, but the name by which it is known comes from the Arabic “zabib” which means “raisins”.

It is thought that it was precisely the Arabs to bring this grape variety in Italy, thanks to the typical terraces (also of Arabic origin) and the selection, which gave life to this very special wine. Zibibbo is a wine with an unmistakable brilliant golden yellow color, which can also present golden reflections. The aroma is pleasant and fruity, with hints of almond, apricot and orange blossom. The flavor is the one of muscat: sweet, aromatic and with a typical almond aftertaste; being a bodied wine, Zibibbo leaves a final elegant aroma.

The minimum alcohol content of this wine is 10 °; it is a wine to be served between 8 and 12 ° C and the ideal glass is an average-small tulip. It’s an excellent wine to be served as an aperitif but also to match with dishes of Mediterranean cuisine based on fish. This wine is also much appreciated if accompanied to desserts, especially Sicilian cannoli and Cassata, as well as ice cream and almond sweets. Zibibbo is a wine for every taste and therefore it is a product to be valued as it deserves.