The Taggiasca olive is a typical fruit of the Italian Riviera di Ponente, and, although it is widespread throughout Italy, it finds its highest concentration in the province of Imperia.

It’s an olive of small size and elliptical shape, its color varies from black to brown and its concentration is very high in oil, which is appreciated and recognized as one of the most valuable in the world. Extra virgin oil of Taggiasca olive has an intense, slightly fruity flavor, and a yellow-green colour: it can be used as dressing for many dishes, such as raw vegetables, appetizers, first courses, going well with both meat (Ligurian or San Remo style rabbit, lamb with olives, roast beef with olive sauce) and fish.

The harvest of Taggiasca olives is made by placing dense mesh networks under the trees which, once shaken, will drop their olives. When the fruits are all collected, they will then be ready to be squeezed and bottled. The Taggiasca olive is not only useful for its oil, but it is an olive which, thanks to its good taste, can be eaten after being preserved in brine or oil.

Because of its excellent quality, in 1997 the extra virgin oil of Taggiasca olive “Riviera Ligure” received the protected designation of origin (PDO).