The celery root or celeriac , is globular – brownish outside and white on the inside – so swollen to look like a turnip , but it also preserves a delicious and intense aroma and flavor of celery . In Italy it is called sedano rapa o Sedano di Verona
The celeriac is grown especially in northern Italy , while in the south it is almost unknown.
The collection begins towards the end of August and lasts until December or until the first frosts . It is advisable to buy the celeriac when it reaches a weight varying from 600 to 700 grams : this represents the ideal weight , quality index of product
Mentioned in the Odyssey by Homer , it is native to the Mediterranean but now broadcast in Northern Europe, North America, Africa and Asia .
The celery root grows easily in temperate zones and frost will damage the plant . However , the temperature should never exceed 30 ° C , in order to avoid hindering the correct vegetative development of the root. The celery root is peeled and washed . At this point you can eat this root cooked or uncooked .
Celeriac has a pretty strong aroma and intense : the aromatic smell , almost pungent , is due to the essential oil , characterized mainly by limonede and sedanolide , as well as a series of several monoterpenes.
These are its nutritional values: Kcal : 23/100 g of product ; Water: 88 % ; Carbohydrates , proteins , fats, fiber : 12 % ; Antioxidant vitamins ; minerals : iron, potassium , manganese .
How to serve the celeriac
The celery root is suitable for the preparation of salads , where it can be eaten raw , but it is also a good side dish to be cooked.
You can cook it in the oven , in a pan with a little oil or you can cook it fried in plenty of oil, but also breaded or au gratin. It can otherwise be boiled in lightly salted water , and then it is ready to be tasted seasoned with oil and salt; or with butter and Parmesan cheese or mayonnaise.
It is great smashed toghether with potatoes , or alone, to create refined mash to combine with meat or fish.
Celeriac can also be the main ingredient in soups. If you want to try it raw, finely grated using a grater for carrots and then season with mayonnaise flavored with a little ‘ mustard (you can also add grated carrots).

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