A tight-knit group of carefully selected traders take part in the typical Italian Market “The art of Italian taste” organized by Athena International Company to represent the best of the Italian culture and regional cooking traditions in Germany. Best quality specialities represent the art of the Italian taste and satisfy the request of Italian food lovers: famous Sicilian almond paste, different sorts of sheep and goat cheeses from the mountains, the world renowned Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, Parma ham, delicious truffle and wild boar salami and sausages, olive oil, olives, marinated vegetables and much more.
The exhibitors guide the visitors in a tasting experience through the Italian regions, including products from the mountains as well as from sunny Mediterranean areas. There are also gastronomic stands where it is possible to stay for lunch, have a glass of good Italian wine and enjoy the typical Italian atmosphere.
Twenty-five German cities have been visited by “The art of Italian taste” in 2014. Many of the these and new destinations are in our 2015 calendar.

Thanks to: Athena International Company