This recipe will be ideal for a fancy dinner.

Ingredients for 4 people:
660 lb of fresh Amberjack
Black sesam
One bouquet of arugola
44 lb of Parmesan
Pine nuts
One spoon of Icing sugar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Maldon’s salt, cooking salt, Pepper of sarawak (to taste)

Cut the amberjack into little cubes and season with Maldon’s salt, pepper, oil and black sesam’s seeds. Whiten arugola for few seconds into boiling salted water and then let it cool down into water and ice.

Whip arugola with pine nuts, parmesan and garlic until it’s mashed into a puree, add cooking salt, oil and a spoon of the water you have used to whiten arugola.

Whip the raspberry with icing sugar.

Buon Appetito!!