pstry flour, 3 cups
eggs, 2
rum or other liquor of your choice, 2 tbsp
butter, 3 tbsp
the zest of one lemon unwaxed
vanilla extract, 1 tbsp
sugar, 1/5 cup
honey or jam for brushing
chocolate and coloured strands
chocolate icing and coconut flakes
vanilla icing sugar


On a worktop, knead flour with eggs, vanilla extract, sugar, liquor, lemon zest and butter using a fork.
Knead quickly with your hands, make a smooth ball then cover it in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Using scissors, cut a mask out of a piece of card. Using a rolling pin or a pasta making machine, flatten the pastry. It should be about 1,5 mm thick and smooth.
Fry the masks in boiling oil, turning them on both sides until slightly golden. Don’t burn them! If you get foam while frying, the oil is not hot enough. Fry just 3 or 4 masks a time.
When ready, remove them from oil using a slotted spoon and lay them on kitchen paper to absorb the oil in excess.
Garnish with sprinkles of vanilla icing sugar or using warmed honey or jam to stick some chocolate, coloured strands and coconut flakes over the masks. You can also decorate with chocolate icing.

Thanks to: My Little Italian Kitchen