In the country surrounding Reggio Emilia, the day of the pressing of grape was a feast: in the peasants’ houses children and old people were involved too, for celebrating an event symbolizing the end of a long and tiring grape harvest, in September and October.
Always bearing in mind that nothing must be wasted, rezdore started collecting grape must, the dense and sugary liquid left on the bottom of “tino” (vat) after tapping, to cook Sughi d’Uva (grape pudding). Grape must was slowly boiled with flour and sugar, till reaching a dense and gelatinous texture. This spoon sweet was mostly loved by the children, for its highly sugary taste.

Even though today there are Sughi made with white grapes, the traditional ingredient was the grape must of the special vine “Lancellotta del Reggiano”, a local quality with ruby red grapes. For many years, Sughi d’Uva were almost exclusively cooked and eaten in peasants’ families, often as main dish accompanied with bread. Only in recent times, thanks to the growing interest in local culinary traditions, Sughi d’Uva have spread beyond Reggio Emilia borders, known as a rare and excellence product.

Photo credits: Il Canarino