The Spritz is an Italian alcoholic aperitif very famous in the Triveneto area, in the North of Italy.
This aperitif is a traditional drink in many cities: in Padua the “Spritz Time” is a social event for students and groups of friends.
Originally this aperitif was prepared with white wine and a bit of sparkling water. Today the Spritz is added with a bit of aperol or campari. According to the international organization of the bartenders, IBA, the official Spritz recipe contains: Prosecco, Aperol and soda.
The origin of this italian aperitif is still disputed: probably it was first prepared around 1920 in the Veneto region, in Padua or in Venice.
The Spritz happy hour is a social pleasure, but you should be careful to avoid the abuse of too salty snacks and caloric appetizer.

Thanks to Mistofrigo