18 minutes

spelt, 10,6 oz
tomato, 5,3 oz
ricotta cheese
5,3 oz
carrots, 3

onion, 1

olive oil


Slice an onion and put it in a pan with a little of oil, clean well the agretti herbs, remove the roots and all the parts of large pale green and, once the onion is sauté over low heat, put the agretti to cook with a lid.
Prepare the tomatoes by cutting them into round slices, after about 6/7 minutes put them in the pan and salt everything. Dedicate yourselves to the mousse: peel and chop the carrots and put them in a blender together with the ricotta, a sprinkling of curry powder and a little of oil and salt. Set the maximum speed and blend everything very well for a few minutes.
Now cook the spelt flour, placing one part of it with two parts water, add salt, cover and cook according to the instructions on the package. Mix for few minutes the agretti sauce with the spelt flour and arrange it on top of the mousse. Enjoy your meal!

Thanks to: Chez Monik Blog