1 hour 10 minutes

“Ciliegini” tomatoes, 17,6 oz
Spaghetti, 12,3 oz
Extra virgin olive oil, 6 tbsp
Garlic, 1 clove
Basil, 1 sprig
Red pepper, 1
Dried oregano
Sugar, 1 tsp
Salt and pepper
Bread crumbs, 3 tbsp


Wash and split tomatoes into halves, put them in an baking pan greased with oil, season them with salt, pepper, sugar, oregano and basil chopped togheter. Cover with bread crumbs, add some more oil and bake at 220°C till their surface turns gold and crispy and tomatoes seem cooked. In the meantime, put spaghetti into salted boiling water and cook them according to the timing suggested on the package. Keep tomatoes in the oven until pasta is drained and ready to be seasoned. Once this happens, move spaghetti in the pan and mix well. Serve hot.

Thanks to: Pane Burro e Alici