Sorrento Lemon is an Italian Protected  variety of fruit IGP (IGT). Farmers  grow this kind of lemon whithin the Sorrento peninsula, in particular in the area of Massa Lubrense, Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello, Sorrento, Vico Equense, as well as on the island of Capri. 
Presence of lemons in Sorrento is certified by historical documents which have been dated back to1500 AD; even if the ancestors of actual Sorrento oval could be easily be dated back to Roman times: whithin Herculaneum and Pompeii ruins you can find several paintings depicting, on the tables of the ancient Romans, some lemons  which are very similar to the actual ones of Sorrento.
It has a peel of a medium thickness, rich in essential oils that makes it very fragrant. The inside of this fruit is of a pale yellow, very juicy and characterized by a high acidity, this fruit  is rich in C vitamin and minerals.
Sorrento Lemons are a product qualitatively different from similar ones, due to the peculiar characteristics of the shelf life and of the flavour of the local variety.
It received Community IGT (IGP) recognition, to protect and enhance this exclusive and incomparable organoleptic.
Is very used in regional “cuisine”, and is used  to flavour the typical dishes of the Sorrento peninsula: starters, main dishes, side dishes and a lot of  special desserts (lemon baba); we can find even lemon coffee, as is in the case of the Amalfi Coast with its typical “sfusato” lemon. The Amalfi lemon, together with the Sorrento one, is also used to prepare Limoncello, which is a liqueur made from lemons and born among the areas of Capri, Amalfi and Sorrento.

Thanks to Consorzio Limoni di Sorrento IGP