semolina flour, 6 cups
lard, 5,3 oz
fresh Sardinian Cheese (like pecorino cheese), 14 oz
honey as needed
oranges or lemons, 2
extra-virgin olive oil


On a marble slab or a pastry board, place the flour in a well shape an slowly add some lukewarm water, a pinch of salt and the lard in spoonfuls. Knead it until you obtain a firm and smooth dough, leave it to rest in a lukewarm spot, protected from draughts, covered with a clean kitchen cloth.
Meanwhile prepare the filling: finely chop the cheese and mix it with the grated orange or lemon peels.
Let simmer in a quart of water fresh cheese, a tablespoon of flour and the grated rind of lemon or the orange. When the water is absorbed and the cheese becomes thick like a cream, create with the dough disks circles that put out to dry in a cloth.
After approximately 1/2 an hour has passed, knead the dough for another few minutes, then roll out a sheet of pastry with a rolling pin and form 2 circles of 15cm in diameter. Drop some of the filling into the centre of each disc and press down the edges carefully. Then fry them in a saucepan till they are golden brown in abundant amount of boiling oil and in the meantime melt some honey in bain-marie.
Turn the sebadas with the wooden spoon drain them from the oil, place them on a serving dish, sprinkle them with honey and serve hot.

Thanks to: Ricette di Sardegna