12 minutes

Egg Whites , 2
Flour 00, 2 Tablespoons 
Flour of Durum wheat Semolina 
Parmesan and Pecorino, 2 Tablespoons

For the filling: 
Anchovy sotto’olio, 4
Cherry Tomatoes, 4


Stir the ingredients with a spoon and then knead with your hands until the dough gets a smooth consistency, almost sticky. 
Take small pieces of dough and give them a spherical shape, make a hole in the middle to insert the stuffing you have previously prepared, close your fingers and shape the praline as if it was a meatball. 
Filling: cut anchovies and cherry tomatoes into small pieces, add oregano. 

When the pralines are stuffed and of spherical shape, pass them in semolina flour and fry them in a deep pan with hot oil for a few minutes, til golden. 
These pralines are a great finger food for an aperitif and they can also be cooked without filling, cause the presence of parmesan and pecorino already give them a good taste. You can also use a filling of vegetables or of fish, to your taste.

Thanks to: Antonella Cucina