25 minutes

Eggs, 3
Sugar, 1/2 cup
Flour, 3/5 cup
Icing sugar


Whisk the egg whites with half of the sugar until firm; then whisk the yolks with the remaining sugar until they look pale in colour. Stir them in gently with the whites.
Sift the flour in a bowl, then pour the egg mixture over the flour and carefully stir all the ingredients in well. Pay attention not to whisk, to avoid the air bubbles going out.
Put the mixture in a piping bag and on a greased baking tray, then squeeze it out to make 0,8 inch long lines. Leave some space in between them.
Then sprinkle some icing sugar on the top of the biscuits. Wait for the sugar to be absorbed and sprinkle some more sugar.
Cook for 15-20 minutes at 356F until slightly golden.

Thanks to: My Little Italian Kitchen