carasau bread, 7 oz
eggs, 4
mutton broth
tomato sauce as necessary
Sardinian sheep’s milk cheese, 5,3 oz


Carasau bread, a good sheep’s milk cheese and tomato: that is all you need to make this traditional pane frattau. It is one of the most typical, ad well know dishes of the Barbagia region’s cuisine, it is served in all the restaurants of the island, and also in different versions: with meat sauce or, as we suggest here, with the addition of a poached egg. The original recipe sees the use of mutton broth, but you can also use a flavorful beef broth or vegetable to soften the bread.
So first of all make a good mutton broth, season it with salt and dip the bread, it for a moment to allow it to soften, but without soaking up too much. Arrange it in soup dishes and pour on a little hot tomato sauce and sprinkle with plenty of grated sheep’s milk cheese.
Then place a poached egg on top of each dish and serve immediately.

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